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Life is a journey, and it is travel that makes that journey worthwhile. As we venture to more distant lands, we are becoming more sensitive about the impact that tourism has on the environment and the local population. We have very few wildlife ecosystems left. Sustainable lodging, locally grown food sourcing, burning less fossil fuel are ways each of us can adapt to slow down the rate of global warming. We can explore remote reefs at the edge of the world with the most spectacular marine life to be seen while keeping our footprint light.

Here, where the Pacific and Indian Oceans meet, Sequoia Yacht is celebrating our journey across this remote section of South East Asia; The Coral Triangle. We hope that this journal inspires you to take an extraordinary journey in The Coral Triangle. If you do, you may become more convinced of the importance of saving this reef system, a jewel that is critical to keeping our precious blue planet. Begin your own journey!


Event / May 25, 2019

Meet Sequoia Yacht Chef, I Wayan.

Dining punctuates the day. It brings in the morning and closes out the night. Inspired by Indonesia’s plethora of spices, herb, exotic fruits, Chef Wayan will customize your menu to suit your desire. He will ensure that all of your dietary needs are met relating to your health, religion, cultural requirements, and individual preferences. 1. […]

Event Journal / February 23, 2019

Sequoia in Further East

November 2018, Sequoia is joined the first show organized by Pure Experienece, named Further East. It is a four-day festival of events connecting Asia’s finest luxury hospitality brands with influential, regional-specialist buyers and media. In a uniquely beautiful setting – Seminyak Beach, Bali – this disarmingly different marketplace and inspiring thought-leadership platform is a global […]

Event Journal / February 21, 2019

Indonesia Struggles with #BeatPlasticPollution

In one of our recent safari to Iconic Wayag that attract people all over the world to visit Raja Ampat, we found boats of plastic garbage, which certainly coming from tourists themselves. Our guests, a family with kids, collected those plastics and Styrofoam into our kayaks, which we brought back to Sorong to be discarded. […]

Event / June 10, 2018

Meet the Founder of Coral Triangle Safaris

Meet our founder, Yessi was born in a mountain town in South Sumatra, Indonesia and educated under a full scholarship at the School of Economics, University of Indonesia. After graduating with a CPA degree, she was recruited by Johnson and Johnson. She transitioned into a marketing role working for Unilever and L’Oreal. She decided to […]

Event / June 10, 2018

Archipelago Charity Dinner

Indonesia is home to millions of disabled people. Unfortunately, most have limited access to education, specialized medical treatment, assistive technology, and employment. Indonesia’s modest economy means that services and facilities for people with disabilities are minimal. People with disabilities are often considered an embarrassment. A significant barrier faced by people with disabilities is the belief […]


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