A magical volcanic "The Ring of Fire" archipelago

About Sumbawa

Sumbawa lies in the Lesser Sunda Islands. This chain starts in Bali and ends in Tanimbar. In the middle you will find laid back Sumbawa Island. Indonesia is the country with most volcanoes is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. 32 of Indonesia’s 147 volcanoes are in Lesser Sunda Islands. It is part of the world’s ring of fire. Here on the little known island of Sumbawa stands Mount Tambora , a majestic Satonda island  with its marine lake in the middle of the island, as well as Sangeang Api standing still in the middle of blue sea.

Thomas Stamford Raffles, a governor of British East Indies, heard explosions that lasted for more than one day on April 5th, 1815 while he was residing at Batavia, Java. The following day, thick layers of dust covered the land as thick as 5-cm/ 2-inch. The Tambora Volcano eruption is the greatest eruption in the modern history after Toba Supervolcano in Sumatra Island, 75,000 years ago. The year 1816 was so cold that it snowed in New England in June and the period became known as “a year without a summer.” Grain shortages and famine occurred across the globe including Yunnan province of China. The demand for grain to supply Europe, coupled with bad weather, droves of settlers west across the Appalachian Mountains. This natural disaster helped spark the first U.S. real estate bubble—a situation complicated by the fact that there was no national currency at the time. When European weather improved, demand for American grain dropped, sparking a financial panic. 300 banks failed overnight, and the depression that followed lasted for several years. Other effects of the eruption were not immediately obvious and some of them still live with us today.

These aruptions have spaced culture and way of life from celebration of harvest from vertile land on cow “Baraban Kebo” to planting coffee and honey in the rainforest. Losing many of its indigous people due to eruption, a sea filled sealife have invited a sea gypsi “Bajau” and Bugis people to settle here as fisherman on bagan that also attract the largest fish on earth to share food, which is known locally as “Pakek Torok”

Marvel at the mystical seascape of the Ring of Fire, the eruption that changed the world.

What You Will Experience

Miles before reaching our first destination - Sangeang Island - you will notice the cone-shaped towering 1,949 meters/ 6,394 feet high of Sangeang Api volcano. This might be your first experience diving on the seabed of an active volcano. As you descend to the black volcanic sandy bottom, bubbles and colorful sea life will welcome to you to explore even more. Banta Island is a submerged volcano in the midway point between the west, Sumbawa Besar Island and the east, Flores Island. The cold water from Flores basin is forced through this channel makes it an ideal place for pelagic or “big fish” sightings. Dramatic rugged hillsides of dry savanna surrounded by beaches and clear turquoise waters are perfect location for on-the water sport adventures like kayaking, tubing and water-skiing. You can spend your late afternoon walking on the powdery-soft beaches enjoying tropical sunset.

Make a wish by hanging a stone on trees that grow in Satonda Island before you paddle on kayak into its majestic marine like. Walk on the rainforest of Moyo, and swim on a fresh water running from tranquil waterfall. Immerse yourself in the aquatic treasure of Tanjung Menangis where you will be surrounded by reef fishes and colorful corals.

There is no better way to wake up than to have a cup of morning coffee surrounded by the beauty of Saleh Bay scenic landscape: dramatic towering Tambora Volcano, inhabitant islands, fisherman bagan net surrounded by crystal clear waters. You may have a chance to swim with the largest fish on earth, The Whaleshark. Be a local by watching buffalo racing as a sign that planting paddy season has come. You can also trek to the historic Tambora Volcano that produced to the largest eruption on earth in modern history and changed the way we life today.

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