Komodo Archipelago

One of the New "7 Wonders of Nature"

About Komodo Archipelago

The Komodo Archipelago lies in the Lesser Sunda Islands. This chain starts in Bali and ends in Tanimbar. Now this park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Man and Biosphere Reserve, and one of the New 7-Wonders of Nature.

It is believed that one upon a time; there was a fairy lady who lived in Komodo Island. The villagers named her Putri Naga, “The Dragon Princess.” The Princess married a local man and gave birth to twins: one human – Gerong – who grew up among the villagers and one dragon – Orah – who grew up in the forest. Years had passed, when one day Gerong went deer hunting in the forest. As he collected his prey, the dragon came out from the bushes and tried to take it. After he failed to convince the dragon to go away, he lifted his spear ready to kill the dragon. A beautiful goddess, “Putri Naga” appeared and told Gerong not to kill the dragon. She told him that the dragon “Orah” was his twin and they should live in a harmony. To this day, the Komodo Islanders believe that the Komodo Dragons are their family members and they should live together sharing their land without borders.

There are dramatic Savanna Hills during the best sailing season from June to September. The hills are surrounded by scenic pink beaches & blue waters bursting with sea life which Its brilliant pink beaches and the blue waters are home to over 60 dive sites. Here you may see 1,000 species of fish, 260 species of coral reef, 70 species of sponge, 10 species of dolphin, 5 species of sea turtle, and 14 species of whale, as well as dugong, shark and manta ray.

What You Will Experience

Rinca and Komodo, are the only two islands in the world one can encounter one or more than 6,000 the prehistoric Komodo Dragons. A long trek is advisable, as it will allow you to see more wildlife such as Deer and Buffalos. The wilder Komodos are also seen at Nusa Kode, just south of Rinca. Witness a stunning sunset view of Padar or sunrise hike Lawa Darat famous for beautiful hills with stunning views and secluded beaches. The sheltered bay and crystal clear waters of Lawa Laut waters are ideal for water sport such as snorkeling, water skiing and tubing, which you can combine with kayak and SUP. End your underwater adventure with a beach picnic on pink and/ or white sand of your choice. One of our favorite’s dive sites here is Crystal Bommies. It is named after the crystal clear waters that surround bommies, soft corals and impressive table corals. It is home to a large school of yellow-ribbon sweetlips, tuna, mackerel, fusilier and the colorful Anthias as well as Frog sh, Moray, and the Scorpion fish.

From the shallows to the depths of this region offers remarkable coral gardens with tones of reef fishes. Snorkel and/or dive at Taka Makassar or Nusa Kode looking for reef or oceanic mantas. Just off coast of Labuan Bajo, Tukoh Bele and Sabolon offer a perfect snorkeling, as well as ideal location for discovery scuba.

To understand how life also depends on sea and tourism, we will take you to Komodo village. Here we can interact with charming kids and their family members as they share land with infectious Komodo Dragons without borders.

We encourage you to sail further to the West, Sumbawa Besar. Here you can discover the Banta looking for giant turtles and dive in the foot of Sangeang Volcano towering from the sea bed for the next level of underwater adventure. Spend extra days to sail to Moyo and Satonda to see the nature reserve and beautiful coral reefs and home to wild ox, deer, a great variety bird species, as well as hordes of crab-eating macaques. You may get the opportunity to snorkel and/or free-dive with The Whale Sharks, the largest fish on earth in Labuan Jambu.

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