Triton Bay

The last best place untouched by time

About Triton Bay

Triton Bay is part of the Kaimana Marine Protected Area, which encompasses 6,000 square km (2,300 square miles) and is located in West Papua Province, Indonesia. Fak Fak & Triton Bay “counted marine biodiversity” is 1,005 species of fish, 471 species of hard coral, and 28 species of mantis shrimp.

Triton Bay is known as a home to endemic speciesEndemism in Triton evolved the same way as it has throughout the Bird’s Head of Papua. Beginning ten millions years ago shifting tectonic plate caused geological upheavals and formed new island chains across the Indonesian Archipelago. Triton’s reef developed into a crossroad for current-borne marine larvae originating from the Banda Sea. Another contributing factor is the tremendous volume of fresh water flowing from the Mainland of Papua into the sea. Most marine larvae cannot survive in low saline environment. Here they survive and flourish. Best time to visit is March to April and October to November.

The indigenous people of Lobo Village believe that the giant Garuda bird once made Kaimana its home. A woman from Warinau Mountain laid 2 eggs. These 2 eggs hatched into one black bird and one white bird. The black bird grew into a giant bird. It is believed that when Garuda set its wings on the sky, it covered the sun above Kaimana. The villagers were afraid of the black bird. One day, Portuguese sailors arrived at Lobo and they shot the black bird, which relieved the entire village. They later built a statue of the Garuda as the reminder that Garuda once lived there. The bones were nowhere to be found. The story of white egg remains unknown. Today, Garuda is the symbol of Republic of Indonesia.


What You Will Experience

The shadow of 1000-meter tall peaks of West Papua Mainland will welcome you to the Lagoon of Triton Bay. Immerse yourself in the lushness of Papua’s rainforest and Triton Bay’s underwater sanctuary. Hike the peak of Ermun, and end your day by exploring the green coastal areas with a kayak to reach white sand beaches, where coconut trees make perfect shade for a picnic day.

You can find a statue of the Garuda in the village of Lobo. Observing one of Papua’s most impressive displays of ancient rock art by kayaking, located on the opposite side of Namatote. At Namatote and/or Mai-Mai, imagine yourself submerge 3 meters underwater with one or more of the largest fish on earth, up to seventeen-meter whale shark. If you are extremely fortunate, you will also see a dozen dolphins just below the tales of the whale sharks. The reef surrounding Iris Strait, which lies between Aiduma Island and the mainland of Papua, is filled with sea life and soft corals. As you move the deeper toward the bottom, you will notice a little bit of everything from Pygmy Seahorse, Wobbegong Shark to Walking Shark.

Easily spotted from miles offshore is the Mommon Waterfalls falling directly to the sea in the iconic Mommon Bay. Trekking a half day deep into the rainforest of Papisoi will be rewarded by the feeling the spray of the fresh water of a waterfall. In 2007, two of the first surveyed sites broke Dr. Gerald Allen’s Raja Ampat world record for the most fish species recorded from a single dive site – an astounding 330 species recorded from Papisoi Cape dive site alone! Marine surveyors always find new species here. You will definitely enjoy diving in the most abundant fish tank in the world.

The remote island of Karas, located in Fak Fak regency, is home to turtles and pristine beachesDugong are often seen here. Here, one can also paddle inside Batu Lubang, a hole connected to the sea and filled hard coral gardens. We can join locals fishing in front of the village of Mas during sunset. Here you will meet some of the friendliest people on the planet living from one fish to the next.




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