The exquisite dishes inspired by ingredients from the archipelago

Fine Dining

Chef Petty Elliot collaborated with Sequoia to create a unique menu with Indonesian flare from the finest locally sourced seasonal ingredients. You will be served with dishes that are, meticulously prepared, artfully presented and utterly delicious. The cuisine of Sequoia promises to be an exhilarating, one of a kind dining experience. You may choose to dine in the spectacular great room, al fresco in our sky deck, or on any number of beautiful island beach settings. Our chefs will create sumptuous breakfasts, comfort foods for lunch or snack, delights with sunset tea, cocktails before fine dining, and dinners and dessert that you family will remember for years to come.


Personalized Menu

Dining punctuates the day. It brings on the morning and closes out the night. Inspired by Indonesia's plethora of spices, herb, exotic fruits, our chefs will customize your menu to suit your style. We will ensure that all of your dietary needs are met relating to health, religious, cultural requirements and individual preferences.


Environmentally Friendly

It is our responsibility to make sure the grandeur of the coral triangle will last for the generations to come. Therefore, we are conscious about the use of plastic and adhere to a “no one time use” of plastic such as straws, plastic bottle water, and other plastic garbage usage onboard of Sequoia. Adhering to our minimal or no plastic use policy will be accomplished while still maintaining US and European standards of hygiene and cleanliness.


Locally Sourced Ingredients

For centuries, people from around the world have undertaken great risk to visit this immense archipelago in search of exotic food and spices. For many guests, the most lasting memories are the sight and taste of food unavailable anywhere else in the world. Our focus is to create delectable food using locally sourced ingredients, which sometimes can only be found, on one single island.


Freshly Made Food and Beverages

From homemade pastas to ice cream, pizza, exotic tropical juices, we do all we can to supply cuisine with the freshest, organic ingredients and dishes.


Food Sourcing and Cooking Classes

The adventure of acquiring local ingredients is both rewarding and educational as it gives insight into how our culture revolves around food. You will be introduced to many things that you never imagined because in some cases, they are only available on one specific island. Alternatively, you can enjoy your private and tailored cooking class on the island of your choice. These skills can be then brought home with you share with others.


Dining Venues

Dining Experience

Romantic Beach Dinner


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