West Papua

A marine wonderland untouched by time


Our Safari Collection


Our Difference

An Indonesian Company

PT Safari Laut Nusantara is Indonesian female owned and operated, with our headquarters located in the capital, Jakarta.
We employ an all-Indonesian staff, who share the same passion for exploring the heart of the Coral Triangle.
As proud members and admirers of this community, we understand the country, its culture and customs.
This insight enables us to expose our guests to once in a lifetime experiences in this beautiful yet fragile region.

Knowledgeable Cruise Director & Captain

Sequoia’s Cruise Director & Captain have been navigating in East Indonesia water for over 30 years.
They are keen to take guests onshore to visit and experience a food market, tribal ceremony, or hike a volcano to view local wildlife
Only an experienced and knowledgeable Indonesian can facilitate a smooth and enjoyable sojourn from Sequoia to any number of exotic islands.

Certified Dive Instructor and Dive Master

Our English speaking and experienced PADI certified Dive Instructor accompanied by our PADI certified Dive Master
can provide individual or group instruction and certification.
They are trained to ensure that your ocean adventures are safe and enjoyable.


Once on board, there are no extra payments for food, non-alcoholic drink, park fees, sport equipment, water sport insurance, taxes, etc.
Unlike many other tourism companies, we do not charge guests extra for these items or service fees.

No Gratuities

We have a strict “No Tipping Policy” for our crew and locals.
We only ask that you give us your feedback and a quality score,
which we will use to pay bonuses to crew members.

Concierge Service

We would be delighted to assist you with all aspects of your trip to Indonesia.
This includes all telecommunications phone/internet, lodging, air and ground transportation, meals, shopping, spa, etc.
This ensures that every detail is attended to prior to your visit so you can enjoy this remarkable country.

Family Friendly

We are focused on family.
The two very large cabins each with full bathrooms are well suited to 4 family members or very close friends.
The advantages of a private yacht are space, privacy and flexibility so you can explore and share with those that you love.


For centuries, people from around the world have undertaken great risk to visit this immense archipelago in search of exotic food and spices.
For many guests, the most lasting memories are the sight and taste of food unavailable anywhere else in the world.
We employ two world-class chefs who are equipped with modern full-sized kitchen appliances.
We will custom tailor the menu for each per person while integrating local ingredients wherever possible.
The adventure of acquiring local ingredients is both rewarding and educational as it gives insight into how culture revolves around food.
We hope that you will be willing to allow our chefs to teach you how to prepare the dishes that interest you.

Ocean Adventure

Our yacht, Sequoia, was built for ocean adventure.
There are 10 sets of new dive gear for guests to use as well as 25 tanks with fill bank.
Our marine equipment includes High Intensity Lights integrated into the bottom of the hull of Sequoia.
This allows us to visualize down to 30m(100 ft) under the boat.
This illuminated view of the pristine Pacific waters is breath taking whether on deck or in the water venturing out for a night dive.
We are also equipped with a 7 M (22ft) Boston Whaler Dauntless for diving, snorkeling, water skiing/tubing, or deep-sea fishing.

Refreshing Travel

We designed and built Sequoia to be as safe and comfortable as your home.
You should expect to have many of same amenities of a luxury suite with low noise and minimal environmental impact.
You will have comfortable temperature controlled cabins with King Sized beds and American styled bathrooms.