A magical safari to the richest reefs on earth


Time travel to another land shrouded in a deep blue.
Discover lost islands,forgotten cultures, and immerse yourself in an ocean unknown to mankind.
Dance amongst soft coral. swim with extraordinary fish, and sail the most biodiverse water on this planet.
Witness something truly majestic.

PADI Scuba Diving Certification

You and your family can be trained together with our own private instructors. This training will result in you earning your PADI* divers ID card which will allow you to dive anywhere in the world. We have all the equipment and staff to facilitate your training in a safe and comfortable pace. This will be an unforgettable experience in the most remote and pristine Sea-Scapes in the world. From the shallow Sandy beaches you can learn how to breath underwater, clear you mask, give proper hand signals and other skills to allow you to dive safely. This experience will undoubtedly be highly rewarding gaining a skill that can be use for a lifetime.

Scuba Diving

Indonesian scuba diving has gained a reputation as being amongst the finest in the world. Nowhere on the planet will you be able to enjoy the diversity of fish and both hard and soft coral. With our PADI-certified dive instructor & dive master, and premier dive center, your underwater adventure will be safe and unforgettable.


Imagine swimming along side of whale sharks, stingless jellyfish, colorful soft coral and thousands of fish while staying on the surface of the water. The aquatic treasures of the Coral Triangle can be enjoyed by virtually any one at any level – the only equipment needed are a mask, snorkel and fins!


Between dives or after snorkeling, you can venture out in the calm lagoon in one of our 3 person kayaks. This is a relaxing and tranquil activity that will allow you to hear the gentle sounds of nature.

Water Skiing

The powerful 225 hp Boston Whaler Dauntless is set up for both water skiing with either one or two skis depending on your skill level. The still waters of hidden bays and lagoons provide the ideal venue for smooth turning in surroundings of unimaginable beauty.


Alternatively, you can choose to be towed by our 2-person tube. This is a popular activity for kids to enjoy together as they glide back and forth along the waters of calm bays.

Paddle Boarding

A relatively new activity that is gaining popularity is Paddle-boarding. It allows you to enjoy your surroundings without the sound of any machines or engines while viewing the world around you. It also burns up many calories as you work your core muscles to move forward and keep your balance.

Island Exploration

The Coral Triangle is comprised of thousands of magical Islands each unique in terms of landscapes and culture. We will tailor your island adventure to include activities such as hiking, treks up a volcano, and shopping in local markets. You will be brought to local tribes to witness ancient handicraft production such as Ikat weaving as well traditional celebratory dance routines.

Cinema Under the Sky

Finish your afternoon with tea or a cocktail while you become mesmerized by the romantic sunset of equatorial Indonesia. Continue with Dinner under the stars with the underwater hull lights on to illuminate the sea around you and the music of your choice playing in the background.  End your night with a romantic “under the sky” movie cinema up in our sky deck or on a pristine beach.

Cooking Class

The adventure of acquiring local ingredients is both rewarding and educational as it gives insight into how our culture revolves around food.

You will be introduced to many things that you never imagined because in some cases, they are only available on one specific island.

Alternatively, you can enjoy your private and tailored cooking class on the island of your choice.

These skills can be then brought home with you share with others.

Beach Picnic

The best are pockets of privacy, artfully selected and in just the right location, not too far to skip to that secret beach.

Kids Adventure

Much more than just a yacht, Sequoia features kids toys that allow kids to do things their own such as drawing books, puzzle, origami, handcraft from Decopath, volleyball, soccer, freesbie and kites.

Sunrise & Sunset

Nowhere on earth compares to the South Pacific in terms of Sunsets. The combination of deep blue oceans, tropical islands, complex cloud formations, varying weather, all contribute to the depth and variety of both the Sun’s rise in the East and set in the West. You will view in awe and splendor the kaleidoscope of mixed colors within the swirls of clouds as a background of wooden ships in the background. Everyday a new canvas will appear on the horizon dramatically different from any one from yesterday or tomorrow.


Watching birds through the binoculars is becoming more popular every year. It offers an opportunity to spend time outdoors with loved ones examining their beauty and the complexity of avian social interactions. It also allows you to “enjoy the moment” and become one with nature while you try to determine the species under the lens. The variety of birds in Indonesia is astounding with 380 endemic species as well as considerable number of migratory species.


Although Sequoia utilizes an advanced turbo-diesel engine for its primary propulsion, the 3 large Doyle USA sails provide alternative and complimentary power when the winds are favorable. This allows you to feel the exhilaration of wind power pushing Sequoia to its destination much like the early explorers of the 16th century.

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A magical safari to the richest reefs on earth.