Solor Alor

The isolated archipelago where its myth, culture and wilderness are lost in time.

Why visit Solor Alor

East of Flores consists of 95 mystical islands from Adonara to Alor where folklore, volcanoes and water shape culture.

Pantar Strait lies in between Alor and Pantar. The water coming from the Pacific in the north is flowing through this strait to merge with the Indian Ocean in the south. This big “river” in the ocean is called the Indonesian Through Flow. Similar flow occurs in the Komodo Archipelago.

It is rated as the new world’s muck diving capital and recent exploration has found more creatures than the more-visited Lembeh Strait in North Celebes. 75 dive sites to choose from between Maumere Bay and Alor Island which are home to 1,200 species of coral reef fish and 500 species of corals.

It is an mystical archipelago lost in time.

How and When to Travel

Indonesia straddles the equator giving it 365 days of summer with both a dry and wet season. Expect temperatures between 22-30℃ (72-92℉).

Best time to visit East of Flores is May to September when the sea is calm and the visibility is optimal.

How to get to Alor ? Indonesia has more than 133 commercial airports and new airline routes are being expanded every year. Thailand, by comparison, has 22 commercial airports.

You will need to get to Alor (ARD) or Maumere (MOF). You can fly directly from Bali to Maumere on a 2 hour flight. or From Bali, you would need to transit in Kupang to get into Alor. 3 Major Airlines service fly to these destination

Garuda Indonesia
Nam Air
Lion Air

Once you are picked up at the airport, it only takes 15 minutes to get to Sequoia.

What You Will Experience

The most beautiful beaches and most exciting dive sites are only accessible by sea. There is no better way to travel to see them than by sailing on a luxury wooden yacht, Sequoia.

Rather than staying one remote resort, which limit your experience, your horizon can change each day you wake up as you travel between these pristine islands.

Experience something truly majestic from forgotten cultures to vibrant soft corals and extraordinary fish.

With 10 professional crew members including a cruise director, all your needs will be taken care of in a private and intimate settings.

Begin your own journey. It is the ultimate luxury.

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