Lesser Sunda Islands

It truly is a mystical archipelago.

The Lesser Sunda Islands

Located just north of Australia, the volcanically created Lesser Sunda archipelago begins in Bali and ends in Tanimbar.

Here you will find the famous Komodo archipelago, which is listed by UNESCO as one of the seven new world wonders.

Its diving spots are overflowing with colorful reefs and aquatic life and it includes the exotic island of Sumba as well as the mystical island of Alor.

It truly is a mystical archipelago.

Best time to explore is June to October, when the sea is calm and the visibility is optimal.

Safari Collection

The Lost World of The Komodo Dragon

Immerse yourself in the blue water bursting with colorful aquatic life of the Komodo Archipelago, a New 7 Wonders of Nature.

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The Ring of Fire

Marvel at the mystical seascape of the Ring of Fire, the eruption that changed the world.

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The Mystical Archipelago of Lembata and Alor

Venture to the isolated archipelago of Lembata and Alor where its myth, culture and wilderness are lost in time.

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