The Banda Islands

Trace the History of the Old Spice Route

Why Visit Banda Islands

The 11 Banda Islands are located in the heart of Banda Sea, which is the deepest sea in Indonesia. Despite its remote location, European ships sailed there from the early 1500’s in search of the “Gold” (Nutmeg) that grows on their special trees. The value of the Dutch East Indies Company (VOC), which controlled these spices, was in today’s currency worth more than Apple Corporation today. These islands shaped the history of modern international trade.

Very few people in the world will get an opportunity to visit this paradise. It is filled with the romantic cone shaped volcanoes, palm-fringed islands, lush green jungle, golden sand beaches, old nutmeg plantations, and fisherman out in the cobalt blue waters in their painted dig-out canoes.

The rich nutrients of Banda Sea waters surrounding these isolated islands provide a perfect habitat for spectacular coral reefs and pelagic to shelter. It is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful reefs on earth. The villagers are very friendly and the unique culinary choices made with these special spices make for an experience that you and your family will never forget.

How and When to Travel

Indonesia straddles the equator giving it 365 days of summer with both a dry and wet season. Expect temperatures between 22-30℃ (72-92℉). Best time to sail is October when the sea is calmer and the visibility is optimal just in time to see the hammerhead sharks. It also coincides with their annual festival celebrating their unique culture.

The Banda Islands are located 110 Nautical Miles away from Ambon, the capital of Moluccas province of Indonesia. You will need to fly to Ambon (AMQ) either from Jakarta, direct flight or from Bali, with a transit in Makassar. We recommend you to take Garuda Indonesia Airline. Once you are in Ambon, there are two options to get to Banda:

1. You can take a commercial plane on Susi Air, with flights 2 times per week: Monday and Friday depending upon the weather. Private charter is also available upon request, which is recommended. Once you arrive in Banda Neira Airport, it takes 10 minutes to get to Sequoia.

2. Overnight Sail on Sequoia Yacht from Ambon to Banda. On the way, Saparua, Molana, and Nusa Laut Island will be visited for beach exploration, beautiful scuba diving and/or snorkeling, spices plantation & fort tour, for a day or two depending upon your interest and comfort. Once you arrive in Ambon Airport, it takes 30 minutes to get to Sequoia. Once you are picked up at the airport, it only takes 15 minutes to get to Sequoia.

What You Will Experience

The most beautiful beaches and most exciting dive sites are only accessible by sea. There is no better way to travel to see them than by sailing on a luxury wooden yacht, Sequoia.

Rather than staying one remote resort, which limit your experience, your horizon can change each day you wake up as you travel between these pristine islands.

Experience something truly majestic from historical seascape of 16th century Spice Trade Route to an epic pelagic underwater adventure.

With 10 professional crew members including a cruise director, all your needs will be taken care of in a private and intimate settings.

Begin your own journey. It is the ultimate luxury.

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The Banda Islands

The Banda Islands

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