Adventurer / December 7, 2018

The Wild Waigeo

Raja means “King”, while “Ampat” means four. According to the legend, eggs laid by a mega bird of Waigeo hatched into four fabled kings who settled the region’s four biggest islands from north to south; Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta, and Misool. Among all of the wonderful Raja Ampat Islands, Waigeo is the largest of them all. […]

Adventurer Family / September 15, 2018

Sequoia & OceanScape Yachts

Yachting is such an incredible vacation experience. The freedom and privacy are unparalleled by other travel options. More people should get to enjoy the sheer luxury of it. After all, you work hard. You deserve the good life! So with the help of an amazing team and exceptional partners, Ocean Seascape Yachts, which is based […]

Adventurer / July 27, 2018

Into The Blue at Koon & Kurkap

These islands are located in between Banda Islands of Moluccas and Kaimana Regency of West Papua. It is a region of Watubela, South East of Seram Island. It is a perfect midway point for a stopover. As far as your eyes can see, the pristine crystal clear turquoise waters surround the Island. Koon Island is […]

Adventurer / July 24, 2018

Misool with Wet Traveler

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago with over 18,000 islands. It is home to the planet’s most biodiverse marine life with over 3,000 species of fish and 500 species of coral. Its most beautiful and remote destinations are located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, which until recently have been difficult to explore. From […]

Adventurer / July 23, 2018

The Wonderful Misool

Venture to where the wild things are – Misool, South Raja Ampat – the richest marine biodiversity on earth.  Myth-enshrined ancestors form the basis of Papua’s modern social structure. Raja means “King”, while “Ampat” means four. According to the legend, eggs laid by a mega bird of Waigeo hatched into four fabled kings who settled […]

Adventurer / July 22, 2018

The Building of MSY Sequoia

Since 2006, Yessi has traveled much of the Indonesian Coral Triangle. She noted back then that it was a difficult area to travel with limited transportation options and a poorly developed infrastructure. She saw an opportunity to provide luxury exploration in this jewel of nature; the most biodiverse marine region of the world. The tool […]

Adventurer / May 27, 2018

The History of the Old Spice Route

In 1512, after the capture of Malacca, Albuquerque sent three ships: Santa Catarina, Sabaia and anunnamed caravel in search of the primary sources ofthe most popular spices. Clove was thought to come from “Ternate Island” and nutmeg and mace from “The Banda Islands.” Sailing the uncharted north coast of Java using only rising volcanoes above […]

Adventurer / May 22, 2018

The Spice Islands

To begin to understand the rich history of Indonesia, one must embark on some its most remote islands. The 11 islands that make up the “Banda Islands” were the world’s sole source of nutmeg and mace, the fragrant gold that sparked the European Age of exploration and helped finance the Netherlands, the richest of all […]


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