About Us

We are proud to help you explore the unimaginable beauty of our home, Indonesia.

Our story

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago with over 18,000 islands. It is home to the planet’s most biodiverse marine life with over 3,000 species of fish and 500 species of coral. Its most beautiful and remote destinations are located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, which until recently have been difficult to explore.

From a passion for discovering and admiring the beauty of our country’s hidden tropical and marine paradises, Coral Triangle Safaris (CTS) was established in 2016.

Our yacht, Sequoia, has been designed and built to provide a safe and comfortable voyage for our guests, while recognizing our responsibility to protect this precious ecosystem.

The environmentally friendly standards to which we have constructed Sequoia ensure that the splendor of Indonesia’s pristine waters can be appreciated for generations to come.

Immerse yourself in the world’s aquarium ® with Coral Triangle Safaris, as we help you explore the unimaginable beauty of our home, Indonesia.

Who is your host

Yessi was born in a mountain town in South Sumatra, Indonesia and educated under a full scholarship at the School of Economics, University of Indonesia. After graduating with a CPA degree, she was recruited by Johnson and Johnson. She transitioned into a marketing role working for Unilever and L’Oreal. She decided to change course and follow her passion, traveling the world from The Himalayas to Raja Ampat.

Yessi came to realize that the ultimate travel destination was at her doorstep, Coral Triangle within The Indonesian Archipelago. This led her to found Coral Triangle Safaris to facilitate safe and comfortable travel to the richest reefs on earth.

She built Sequoia Yacht, which is the newest generation of Indonesian classic wooden yachts available for charter in Indonesian waters. She will also be on board Sequoia as the Cruise Director to ensure that the customer experiences the safest and most enjoyable cruise possible.

Other crew members include:

Captain Ms. Suriani

Co-Captain Mr. Sudirman

Skipper Mr. Yudi

Enginer Mr. Rojikin

Co-Enginer Mr. Arif

Chef Mr. Wayan

Sous Chef Mr. Laja

Waiter Mr. Ali

Butler/Massage therapist Mr. Rio

Dive Instructor Mr. Suadi

Dive Master Mr. Yohardik

What are our commitments?

Develop Local Talent

Indonesia is a land of incredible cultural diversity with over 300 tribes speaking 700 living languages. We celebrate the beauty of our diverse population just as much as our natural resources both above and below the water.

We employ an all-Indonesian staff and ensure fair prices and wages to our people, community and trade partners who the central to everything we do. All of our staff is encouraged to scuba dive and snorkel so they can appreciate the beauty of their seas.

Enrich Experiences

We strive to provide our guests with a safe and unforgettable experience in the most biodiverse and exotic maritime location in the world, while respecting indigenous people and their land and water.

We do not make false promises. Our hospitality is inspired by the diversity of nature and our people. We are experts in understanding local customs and culture; knowing how to make our guests feel welcomed.

Enrich Our Ocean and Coastal Ecosystem

We are environmentally conscious and make sure that our carbon footprint is minimized. As we explore this fragile environment, we are responsible in making sure it lasts.

We have selectively sourced our products with this in mind. From low-emission engines to palm oil free products we aim to a practice of “no one time use” of plastic such as straws, plastic bottle water, and other plastic garbage onboard of Sequoia. This is done to reduce the devastating impact of global warning and plastic trash that is threatening our oceans.

Sequoia Experience

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